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Who are we?


We found true love about six and a half years ago when we discovered a mutual interest in hiking, travel and spiritual growth.  If Julie's father were still alive, he'd say "they found love later in life."  She always hated it when he said that about couples, with images of sedentary older folks holding hands as they face decline together.  We are anything but sedentary "later in life" lovers.


Since meeting, we've happily adventured to lots of amazing places, Hawaii, Mexico, Portugal, Morocco, British Columbia (kayaking), China, Italy, and many beautiful places in the Western states of the U.S--often wearing our hiking boots and carrying backpacks.  And we were just getting started when...BAM!  With 2020 travel plans dashed by Covid-19 (including a long-awaited trip to New Zealand), we've hatched an idea to survive the fear and stress of the pandemic as well as political upheaval in our country.

Day hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern Oregon, our home, has become our passion during these difficult times.  Each hike has amazed us with the beauty and diversity of our region.  Without this pandemic, we never may have discovered how amazing this area is!  While we've been hiking out of crowd's way since early March 2020, we recently decided to share our PCT adventures.  

Join us for your own discovery of the splendor of the Southern Oregon PCT from the California border to the rim of Crater Lake.  We'll catch you up on our earlier hikes, and post the new ones as we make progress toward our goal.  And we may throw in a few other non-PCT hikes, since we will be waiting until the mosquitos subside in the Sky Lakes and Crater Lake region to finish our goal.  

We are truly blessed!

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