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Grouse Gap to Siskiyou Peak

Today (Monday) we start to knock off the day hikes south of Mt. Ashland and Grouse Gap. The rapid pace of news has us reeling and getting out gives us peace and hope amidst the craziness. Last Friday, the news broke that Russia offered and presumably paid bounties to the Taliban for the death of U.S. soldiers. This information had apparently been shared with the White House and the President early in 2020, yet the President has continued to make friendly overtures to Vladimir Putin. Also, corona virus cases are spiking to new records across the country, especially in the South and West. We are seeing spikes in our own region, although the total numbers remain low at this point.

We designated this hike as a favorite right from the start. The terrain starts in the forest with rocky climbs and moves to sunny hillsides with stunning views and wildflowers. The day started out as overcast, yet as the clouds broke up, low-hanging wisps moved past us making for an amazing experience. At around two miles, a spur trail travels up to the top of Siskiyou Peak, for a 360° view of the whole area. On the way back, we checked out the Meridian Overlook, just off Road 20 above the PCT for some additional spectacular views.

Access: Head to Mt. Ashland, and keep on going past the ski area parking, and around the back. Assuming the snow gate is open, head out on Forest Service Road 20. Keep going past the road on your right, which goes all the way up to the top of Mt. Ashland. FS20 can be a pretty rough road, so go slow! Park where the PCT trailhead crosses the road. Note that Grouse Gap shelter is on the road to your left a short way behind the trees.


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