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Highway 66 to Hobart Bluff

This was our second PCT hike of 2020 and a favorite we often do every year. At this point, we hadn't yet set our goal for hiking the whole PCT from California to Crater Lake. But the significant news headline for this day was that the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic. The stock market was plunging and cities were cancelling St. Patrick's Day celebrations. For us, reality began to slowly set in for what was ahead. During the previous week or two, we had fretted over whether to travel to Florida as planned for a late March visit with Asha's family followed by a five-day kayak/camping tour in the Everglades. Our hearts felt heavy, because we had to accept that it was not safe to travel. The best thing we could do for ourselves was to escape into the mountains. The beauty of nature helped us to face the arduous trip cancellation process!

March 12 might seem early to do this hike, yet we had a dry winter, so we set out on a sunny day, running into only one formidable patch of snow. Thanks to Gaia GPS, we were able to keep to the trail and reach the expansive overlook of the Bluff.

Access: Head out Highway 66 to the Greensprings summit, and park on your right where the PCT trailhead comes in. Though longer, this approach from the north is one we prefer, versus approaching Hobart Bluff from the south on Soda Mountain road. Either way a great view awaits at the top.


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