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Little Hyatt Lake to Greensprings Mountain Loop

The Greensprings Mountain Loop trail is a favorite. We actually did the hike from the loop parking area in February (our first PCT hike of 2020) when Asha's cousin came to visit. We hoped to snowshoe, but the trail was pretty dry.

Tensions remained high on April 23, as the possibility emerged that Covid-19 had infected more people than originally thought. The Trump Administration had fired an immunology specialist in the Department of Health and Human Services, presumably for insisting on vetting hydroxycholorquine before recommending it as a Covid-19 remedy. The Senate also approved aid for small businesses, hospitals and testing. The mountains again seemed to be the best place to regain our balance.

In an effort to find a less traveled hiking trail, we decided to start from Little Hyatt Lake instead of our usual starting place. We loved the peace of the forest, especially given the uncertainty of the virus. This is a fantastic hike with a great view of the whole valley, and also might be a good snow shoeing destination when conditions allow. On this hike, we started to realize how diverse the PCT can be. Afterward, we began to look at more off-the-beaten track hikes on the PCT!

Access: Head out Highway 66 to the Greensprings summit. Take a left onto Old Hyatt Prairie road and head for where the PCT trailhead crosses, just below Little Hyatt Lake. From the parking trailhead on the left side of the road, head south on the PCT, and around the Greensprings Mountain loop, and back.


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