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Mt Ashland Rd., Bull Gap PCT TH to Cougar Rock

Well that's what we call it, after running into a mama cougar (and probably her cubs) on this section of the PCT. A few years ago we were about 4.6 miles north of the Colestine Rd trailhead, and decided to climb up this large rock outcropping for a bite to eat before turning back. After starting to climb up, and hearing a few loud hisses and getting a good view of her snout, we left quickly! Since that time we have called it "Cougar Rock" between ourselves.

This hike starts higher up at the Bull Gap parking area, below the Mt. Ashland summit, and hikes south down the hill to "Cougar Rock", and back. It was fun to see it this time, and we did not hear or see any cougar activity at all. That said, we did not dilly-dally there for long!

Access: From Ashland head South up I-5 to the Mt. Ashland exit. Take a right on Mt. Ashland road and head toward the ski area. Before you get to the top and the ski lodge / downhill area, and just past the Bull Gap ski park area on the right, there is a large parking area also on the right for Bull Gap where the PCT comes though.


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