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Obervation Gap to Wrangle Gap

Hiking the PCT on the Siskiyou Crest at this time of year is surely glorious. The flowers were still in almost full bloom, and the green hills were truly dazzling. Observation Gap is right on the PCT and this hike offers a short but sweet hike up to Wrangle Gap.

Access: Although we drove to Observation Gap by coming up FS Rd 22 / Wagner Creek Rd from Talent, then taking a right onto FS Rd 20 heading west, we do not recommend this route. The road is fine until Siskiyou Gap, but after that a very steep and dangerously narrow section, with nothing but large rock (no pavement or gravel) is not for the faint of heart, or those without a 4x4 vehicle.

Recommended: A safer, though longer route to Observation Gap is to head out Highway 238 from Jacksonville, west of Medford, to the town of Ruch. Bear left at Ruch onto Upper Applegate Rd, heading toward Applegate Lake. Before getting to Rogue River campground or the lake, take a left onto FS Road 20 toward the Beaver-Sulphur campground. Follow this for many miles up into the Siskiyous until Silver Fork Gap, then take a left to Jackson Gap. A short jog straight south from Jackson Gap takes you to Observation Gap, and a small parking trailhead right on the PCT.


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