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Road 3659 to PCT South

I would call this a deep forest hike, with no real viewpoints or overlooks. But well worth it, a very beautiful hike in the middle of the lower Sky Lakes Wilderness section. A lovely fall hike indeed. Be sure to check out Christi's Spring for a sweet lunch spot. Take note that this is apparently the only reliable water source heading north for almost 15 miles.

Access: From Medford head east on Highway 140, and from Ashland head out Dead Indian Memorial Rd to get up to Highway 140 where Lake of the Woods is. From this point continue east a short distance on 140 until you see a sign for the Cold Springs trailhead. Take a left there onto Forest Rd 3651, and follow it until the turnoff for FS Rd 3659 on your left. Follow 3659 through the brush and you will see a parking area on your left, just as the road does a hairpin turn right. The trail takes off from there. It crosses Lost Creek and goes past Bert and Center Lakes. Oddly, the trail does not show up on many newer maps, but it is a well maintained and easy to follow path, up to the PCT.


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