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Siskiyou Gap to Wrangle Gap

This may be one of our top favorite hikes of 2020. Hiking around the back of Big Red Mountain it's not hard to see why! We hit the bear grass in full bloom, and have never seen this much of it covering the hills in all our lives. Truly magnificent Siskiyous do not disappoint.

Access: From Ashland, head south into the town of Talent and then west out Wagner Creek Road. Wagner Creek Rd eventually turns into Forest Service Road 22, passing the popular trailhead for Wagner Butte on your right, another great hike. Keep driving all they way up to the Siskiyou Crest where FS 22 eventually ends and meets Forest Road 20. To the left is Grouse Gap and Mt. Ashland. Turn right and head toward Siskiyou Gap and the PCT trailhead.

NOTE *** After Siskiyou Gap, FS Road 20 continues west toward Wrangle Gap and other destinations, including (eventually) Little Applegate. We advise against driving the next section of Road 20 to Wrangle Gap though. There is a very steep and dangerously narrow section, with nothing but large rock (no pavement or gravel) that we recommend those without proper experience or a four-wheel drive vehicle should not undertake. We did it in our 6 cylinder Subaru Outback - but never again!


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